Tube Metal Temperature (TMT) Sensors

Tube Metal Temperature (TMT) sensors can range in complexity and accuracy and are typically used where tube metal integrity is imperative. Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG), Industrial Boilers & Furnace, Heat Exchanger, and other Fired Process Equipment will require accurate and robust TMTs, some of which are considered critical equipment for plant health and throughput efficiencies.

Boiler Tube Block Sensor Model (BTB)


  • Robust design that is very simple to install
  • Unmatched reliability
  • Third party proven - the most accurate tube metal temperature sensor when compared to traditional surface mount sensors

Application: BTBs are commonly used inside OTSGs, HRSGs, Coker Furnaces, Industrial Boilers and Furnaces.

Common Configurations to get you started:

Aircom manufactures various styles of other surface temperature sensors. Click here to see other styles.

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