Stilling Well and Level Chambers

Stilling wells and level chambers are used with associated level instrumentation to allow for reliable level measurement.

Under the Aircom Process Piping and Fitting Products group, these piping components can be manufactured to meet the customers unique specifications.

Aircom has the ability to obtain a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) working under the organizations scope permitted by the pressure equipment safety authority - ABSA.

As there are no standard configurations, the process of obtaining a stilling well or level chamber beings with Aircom reviewing your design and qualifying it to our capabilities and scope of work permitted.

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When considering a stilling well or level chamber for your process application, it is important to consider the following:

  • Temperature requirements
  • Pressure requirements
  • Material
  • Process compatibility
  • Pipe size and schedule
  • Flange type, class and rating
  • Connection types and locations
  • Overall length from flange faces
  • Lengths from connection points

Aircom has the ability to hydro-test and meet NDE requirements, in addition to full documentation package and material traceability.