Overview of Work

Learn about some of Aircom's innovative work. Get in touch and we'll see what we can do for you.

PT Thermowell

In 2003, one of our customers needed to reduce the number of leak points in a system they were manufacturing. We worked on the problem and developed this product specifically for the application. This product allows for temperature and pressure measurement through a single 1/2 inch NPT connection. We've since made several modifications, and now sell several for use in compressor packages.

Boiler Tube Block (BTB)

In 2002, we were asked to design a temperature sensor that could more reliably measure furnace tube metal temperature. Today, this patented product is now commonly used in the worst operating environments on boiler tubes and process furnaces.

Pipe Shoe Riser

This product was recently developed to have local indication of surface temperature on pipelines or piping systems. The primary advantage is that the sensor is external to the pipe, so modifications to the piping system are not required. The sensor is fastened to the pipe with hose clamps and is in constant contact with pipe surface and is typically mounted under the insulation. The sensor can be replaced without removing the insulation from the pipe. There is also a field termination point where long lead wire lengths would normally be used. The sensor is also available with a flex-armor assembly that can be placed on alternate plains and reduces the cooling effects for a more accurate measurement.

Break To Length Thermocouple & RTD Sensor

In an effort to reduce the number of tools and the amount of inventory required by a customer to be able to replace sensors in a facility, we developed the BTL sensor in 16 and 24 inch lengths. Being able to 'break' the sensor at one inch increments means that one sensor can replace many sensors of various lengths in a customer's inventory. A screw driver and pliers removes the need for the technician to use multiple parts and multiple tools to 'make' the required sensor. Sensing elements are hermetically sealed to increase life span and the design reduces the amount of labor required to replace a sensor in an assembly.

Bleed Ring Thermowell Assembly

The customer required a temperature measurement as close to the discharge of a pump as possible. As no modifications could be made to the pump housing and no entry ports existed, we provided the customer with a Thermowell mounted into a bleed ring that could be mounted between the flanges that connect the pump to the process.

10,000 psi Sample Cylinder

Computalog / Precision Drilling needed a high pressure sample cylinder made out of special material (Monel 400) for downhole application in the oil and gas industry. We've developed a similar 10,000 psi cylinder for Core Labs. We often do custom sample cylinder manufacturing for unique applications such as this, and we're presently working on another 10,000 lb cylinder used for taking samples off new well locations. This photo illustrates various cylinders that we have customized.

5,000 psi Autoclave

A customer, a local chemical producer, needed this high pressure/high temperature autoclave made from Hastelloy-C for testing highly corrosive materials such as sour gas, chlorines, and acids. Aircom's corrosive resistant test vessels are custom designed for a variety of temperature, pressure and alloy options.

Computer Assisted Laser Welding

Aircom partners with the best in the industry to offer laser welding, which is valuable when a high level of precision is necessary.