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RTD Tolerance

RTD Tolerance is how the accuracy of an RTD element is defined. This application note explains the RTD tolerance definition for platinum elements according to the IEC 60751 standard.



Process Vessel Wall Temperature Measurement

Magnetic temperature sensor assemblies create a very efficient, non intrusive way to obtain temperature data for process vessel wall temperatures.



Aircom BTB (Boiler Tube Block) Thermocouple

The Boiler Tube Block (BTB) thermocouple is a tube metal temperature sensor used inside industrial furnaces and boilers. This product note touches on the specifics of this unique patented temperature sensor.



Boiler Tube Wall Temperature Measurement using a BTB

Boiler tube wall or tube metal temperature measurement provides process operations very important data that relates to the efficiency, throughput and safety of the industrial boiler.



Instrument Valve Size Difference Between 10K and 6K

One of the main reason valves come in different sizes is the pressure rating. There are different engineering design codes to be aware of. This product note addresses specifically the size difference between Aircom’s 10,000 psi and 6,000 psi instrument valves.



Break to Length (BTL) Temperature Sensors

One thermocouple or RTD probe fits all! This innovative product was developed to reduce inventory, tools and lead times when you need a temperature sensor probe replacement for a thermowell assembly.



Aircom Pressure and Temperature (PTQ) ThermoQuill

The Pressure and Temperature (PTQ) ThermoQuill is a further development to the PT Thermowell. This new product allows for ¼” temperature sensor probes to be used along with a larger pressure port.