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Product Brochures

Product Manuals

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Information: Temperature Sensor Assemblies with Connection Heads Enclosures (PDF)

The temperature sensor assembly devices in this document are used for the collection of industrial temperature measurements.

Installation and Operating Instructions for BTB (Boiler Tube Block) (PDF)

The BTB is used in boiler, furnace, and other process heating equipment. As each has its own set of characteristics, these instructions may serve as a guide to installation. Adaptation to specific applications may be required.

Wake Frequency Analysis – Disclaimer and Exclusions (PDF)

Engineering judgment is required to interpret the results of these calculations, and certain authoritiesrequire the authentication and validation of the calculations before putting a thermowell into service.

Resource Docs & White Papers

Aircom General Terms and Conditions (PDF)

These terms and conditions of sale are the only terms which govern the sale of the goods or welding services by Aircom Instrumentation Ltd.

Aircom StrakeWell Application Note (PDF)

The Aircom Helical Strake Thermowell or StrakeWell is Aircom’s proven solution for temperature measurement applications where common smooth shank thermowells cannot withstand higher velocity process flow conditions.

Aircom StrakeWell Product Note (PDF)

The Aircom StrakeWell (Helical Strake Thermowell) is Aircom’s proven solution for temperature measurement applications where common smooth shank thermowells cannot withstand the process flow conditions, or pass ASME PTC 19.3 – 2016 thermowell calculations.

Aircom BTB (Boiler Tube Block) Thermocouple (PDF)

The Boiler Tube Block (BTB) thermocouple is a tube metal temperature sensor used inside industrial furnaces and boilers. This product note touches on the specifics of this unique patented temperature sensor.

Boiler Tube Wall Temperature Measurement using a BTB (PDF)

Boiler tube wall or tube metal temperature measurement provides process operations very important data that relates to the efficiency, throughput and safety of the industrial boiler.

Instrument Valve Size Difference Between 10K and 6K (PDF)

One of the main reason valves come in different sizes is the pressure rating. There are different engineering design codes to be aware of. This product note addresses specifically the size difference between Aircom’s 10,000 psi and 6,000 psi instrument valves.