Instrument Valves and Manifolds

Aircom has worked with Mac-Weld Machining Ltd. for over 20 years. Built on a tradition of exceeding quality at every step, Mac-Weld is a ISO 9001:2015 and QMS certified privately owned North American company that has been in business for over 35 years.

They are an industry leader in instrumentation machining and manufacturing and work with various alloys to machine parts on the latest CNC equipment.

Aircom is Western Canada’s exclusive partner for Mac-Weld Instrument Valves and Manifolds.

Needle Valves

Needle Valve - Female x Female Connection Model NV
Needle Valve - Male x Female Connection Model NV
Multiport Gauge Root Valve Model GV
Needle Valve with Vent/Drain Model NV

Instrument Manifold Valves

2-Valve Manifold Horizontal Style
2-Valve Manifold Inline Style
3-Valve Manifold Remote Style
3-Valve Manifold T Flange Style
5-Valve Manifold Remote Style
5-Valve Manifold T Flange Style
5-Valve Manifold Bar/Wafer Style
5-Valve Manifold Bar Style

Double Block and Bleed Valves