The Aircom Way

We meet industry demands with a system we call The Aircom Way. It’s a flexible approach that is executed by a team of dedicated problem solvers, driven to excel. Our niche is in instrumentation manufacturing and distribution, with our customers sharing the need for automation and process control. But more than anything, our passion is building a great company through trust and relationships. 

How Are We Different?

Culture of Urgency. Fast manufacturing deliveries with RUSH options available. We put customer needs first.

Flexible Approach. What you think is custom is standard for Aircom. We think outside the box when it comes to "in the box".

Trusted Problem Solvers. We are who you call in for your temperature and instrument applications, and for welding expertise.

Who Do We Serve?

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power
  • Forest Products
  • Water & Waste
  • Food & Beverage
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Government & Institutional
  • Metals
  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon Capture

Back to the Beginning

Did you know Aircom was born in 1964 as an aircraft repair company? The company was sold in 1976, and began to perform general repairs and manufacture chemical sample cylinders. After another sale in 1990, the products and welding service focused on the oil and gas industry. In 1997, Aircom began manufacturing temperature instrumentation, and shortly after, distributing instrumentation. The business experienced steady growth and in 2011, was sold to three employees. The company grows only stronger with new product offerings, diversified staff, and a new vision.


Established as an aircraft repair company in Edmonton, Alberta.


Re-established as Aircom Industries focusing on general welding repairs and cylinder manufacturing.


Expanded quality management system and focused on welding services and welded products for the industrial process industry.


Began to manufacture temperature sensors and instrumentation


Instrumentation distribution gains momentum with temperature and pressure indicators.


Pressure transmitters are introduced to product offering.


Temperature transmitters and signal conditioning products gain more traction with new offering.


Under new ownership newly amalgamated Aircom Instrumentation Ltd. continues to succeed in the process control industry.


Major focus on operation upgrades including office renovation, equipment upgrades and ERP software implementation.


Record sales year...


Major economic impact to Alberta / Fiscal revenue drops.


Signs of better days ahead oil stable and sales slowly coming back.


Aircom rebound exceeding predicted industry growth rates.

Our Values


We work hard to earn our reputation of excellence because it represents the quality of the products we create, repair, enhance, and touch every day. This defines Aircom, our people, our products, and our service.


We strive to create a safe, fun, and respectful work environment that carries integrity into everything we do; our people, because they are family. We share our successes and learn from our mistakes. 


Every day we demonstrate dedication by showing up ready to do our best. Our commitment is represented by our years of service to the company and our industry—we go the extra 1.61 km to achieve excellence! 


We compete every single day, but we also know that when someone else succeeds, we succeed. We are led by our consistent, forward-looking, innovative culture. That’s how we grow.