Pressure Transmitters

Core Sensors designs and manufactures pressure sensors ranging from the sensing element to system packaging for harsh environments. They are an industry leader for both standard and custom pressure sensors, from board level components to fully amplified and packaged transducers.

Based on piezoresistive Microelectromechanical (MEMS) and silicon strain gauge technology, the sensors measure everything from inches of water column (<5 mbar) to 100K psi (7K bar).

Sophisticated design and advanced manufacturing techniques create reliable cost-effective solutions for general and industrial applications. Sensors are signal conditioned, calibrated over temperature and include digital or analog outputs.

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Industrial General Purpose

Downhole Pressure Sensors

Non-Incendive Class 1 Division 2

Intrinsically Safe Class 1 Division 1

Explosion Proof Class 1 Division 1

Submersible - Level Transmitter

Differential Pressure