Surface Mount Temperature Sensors

Surface mount temperature sensors consist of a temperature sensor element that is constructed into an assembly purposed for measuring the surface temperature of an object.


  • Temperature sensor elements are not subject to the direct process conditions
  • Temperature sensor placement is not limited to a threaded or flanged entry point
  • Sensor location can be changed if using a non-welded style

Application: In some applications the surface temperature measurement value is used as a correlation to the process temperature. In other cases, the surface temperature is the measured variable sought out.

Boiler Tube Block Sensor Model BTB


  • Robust design that is very simple to install
  • Unmatched reliability
  • Third party proven - the most accurate tube metal temperature sensor when compared to traditional surface mount sensors

Application: BTBs are commonly used inside OTSGs, HRSGs, Coker Furnaces, Industrial Boilers and Furnaces.

Aircom manufactures various styles of surface mount temperature sensor assemblies for both general and hazardous locations.

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