Chemical Industry: The Aircom Way

July 14, 2022

The industrial process world is a big one, and its many faces demand highly specialized approaches. The chemical industry requires a level of specificity and attention to detail that few manufacturers can deliver. This is where Aircom comes in.

Aircom has over 30 years of experience in serving the chemical industry and has a depth of knowledge that allows us to provide custom solutions for a wide array of clients. Our niche is in temperature sensor manufacturing, instrumentation, and products that are adjacent to those focuses. We pride ourselves in being known as trusted problem solvers, so when we engage with a client who has a unique request, we have complete confidence that we have the skills to not only meet their needs but also the flexibility to produce a solution for demanding requirements.

One of the first variables that must be considered when designing components for a client is the material used. For example, ‘stainless steel’ is common around Aircom; we deal in exotic alloys that meet specialized resistance criteria including duplex stainless steel, nickel alloys, and specialized overlays. Traditional metals may do the trick for most components, but our customers frequently demand components that will be regularly subjected to highly corrosive and damaging chemicals. We collaborate directly with our clients to ensure that we fully understand the necessities of their request so that we can manufacture products that will be compatible with these chemicals.

With exotic alloys, comes exotic challenges that Aircom has the expertise to manage. We are not a typical structural welding shop; we provide B Pressure welding, GTAW (TIG) welding, and GMAW (MIG) welding to meet the needs of these specific metals. A lot of these metals are difficult to work with in the field, and this is where we come into play with our specialized welding and quality management systems. Additionally, we have an authorization permit from ABSA, our local pressure authority here in Alberta. "Between that, our weld procedures, and our codes, we have the ability to fast-track the CRNs (Canadian Registration Numbers) for these products and get them out the door expediently.

Being known as trusted problem solvers, having a culture of urgency, and being highly flexible has allowed us to establish ourselves as leaders in our field for decades. Our clients need specific solutions, and we are a very adaptable company that can provide those distinctive solutions. We seek to establish a trust-based relationship with clients that align with our company culture, and this is a core feature of the Aircom Way. This allows for us to come to the table as partners, rapidly working towards a solution together, and provide an efficient result that meets every requirement. The chemical industry has many demands, and we are here to meet them.