Environmental Social Responsibility Announcement

July 29, 2021

We are happy to team up with the Project Forest family on a social responsibility initiative to plant trees. Did you know 3.67 billion tons of carbon emissions are being captured by the earth’s forests, farms and grasslands.

This partnership will help remove over 1187 metric tonnes of C02 from the atmosphere.

Our earth needs our help to stay healthy for future generations to come. This initiative today is a way we can give back and with continued best efforts, leave our earth better than we found it.

For every 5 temperature sensors sold 1 tree is planted!

Project Forest is a non-profit focused on rewilding landscapes to capture carbon naturally. Made up of a team of passionate changemakers, they’re creating a community of companies working together to plant forests.

Each new forest improves the air and water, supports animal habitat and creates natural playgrounds. By partnering with businesses to fund new forest creation, we’re bringing Albertans one step closer to a better place to live, work and explore.