Capturing Carbon Naturally, One Tree at a Time

September 15, 2022

Aircom is digging deep and doubling down on a new sustainability initiative that promises to plant one tree for every five temperature sensors sold.

The planet needs our help to stay healthy for future generations to come. That's why we have partnered with Project Forest, a non-profit focused on rewilding local landscapes to naturally capture carbon. This partnership formed in 2021 as a way to give back, and with continued best efforts to leave our earth better than we found it by capturing carbon naturally, one tree at a time.

Each new forest improves the air and water while supporting animal habitats and creating natural playgrounds. By partnering with businesses to fund new forest creation, we are one step closer to a better place to live, work and explore.

Together, and with your help, each tree planted will help to remove thousands of metric tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere​​. 5 sensors sold = 1 tree planted

For most information, visit the Project Forest website.