Aircom Offers Temperature Compensated Pressure Transmitter

November 24, 2008

Aircom Instrumentation partner American Sensor Technologies, Inc. (AST) unveils the new digitally compensated high accuracy pressure transmitter (AST46HA) to complement its existing hazardous area pressure sensing products.

This model is intended for use in applications requiring high performance over a range of operating conditions at an affordable price. The AST46HA is extremely versatile and suitable for a variety of applications including, but not limited to: SCADA systems, well site optimization control units and compressor panels.

The AST46HA's ASIC design features real time thermal compensation and linearity correction, enabling it to excel in dynamic temperature environments where ordinary sensors fail. Furthermore, its one piece stainless steel construction is built upon the proven performance of AST's Krystal Bond Technology, bringing the AST46HA into it's own league of high performance pressure sensing. The AST46HA contains no internal o-rings, taking the guesswork out of o-ring to media compatibility, and is equipped with 100V/m of EMI/RFI protection from electrical noise. The low operating strain of the diaphragm offers excellent non-repeatability and long-term stability.

Moreover, this model operates at a wide temperature range (-40 F to 185 F) and offers pressure ranges up to 20,000psi. More specifically, the AST46HA series provides pressure ranges from 0-1 psi to 0-20,000 psi and is available in compound ranges up to 2500 psi. Output options include: 4-20mA, 1-5V, 1-10V, and 0.5 - 4.5V ratiometric.

This model is approved with CSA for hazardous locations and is also certified as a "single seal" device to the ANSI/ISA 12.27.01-2003 requirements for process sealing.

For more information on the digitally compensated pressure sensors, contact Aircom Instrumentation at 780-434-6916 or click to email Aircom.